What camera should I buy?

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I am asked this often. These are the steps I would take:

  • Ask myself how much I am willing to spend. This will narrow down your choices and make it easier.
  • What are my needs from a camera? What will I use it for? Do I want image stabilization? (This is a great feature that many new cameras and lenses have that will make the pictures turn out better in low light or with camera movement.) What size camera do I want? Do I need a camera that will take good macro (close-up) shots? Do I need it for snapshots only? Point and shoot cameras will offer a good lens range for most all uses (landscape, portrait, night, etc).

Once you have answered these questions the problem of what camera to buy becomes much smaller.

My favorite site for reviewing and comparing cameras is: DPreview

There is a page that allows you to choose the features you want. It will search its database and spit out some results: Features Search

If you know what brand you want this site has a listing of cameras by brand too.

They have an excellent up-to-date database, good testing, and user reviews. I also recommend you get the newest camera (release dates are listed) that has all the features you want. Digital photography, like all technology these days, moves very fast. Improvements are always made.

If you are in the USA, one of the best places to buy a camera is B & H Photo Video

They have competitive prices and no sales tax unless you are in New York.

Costco has an excellent return policy for cameras so if you are unsure about the camera you are buying they are an excellent choice.

If you are in Canada, London Drugs or Costco are good sources with competitive pricing.

Good luck, and please let me know if you have any questions.


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