A New Discovery, Arlo Minkkinen

It is always amazing to me how a great, well-known, photographer can be utterly undiscovered by me and then suddenly appear. I am happy to be inspired.

I am struck with the succinct depth of Arlo’s work. He weaves our connectedness with the landscape and calls to that knowing within me. I too, have a fascination with hands in imagery–see my series “Touch” and the body in the landscape–“Hold Me”

Here is a link to his site.

He has a show going on in Boston from Sept 12 to November 15, 2008 at the Robert Klein Gallery. Here is an excerpt from their mailing:

Minkkinen does not merely place his body into the Finnish landscapes, but he becomes one with them. Since he first started photographing, Minkinnen has subjected his nude body to snow, ice, water and dangerous heights. His body is twisted and transformed in unbelievable ways to create a perfect union with the landscape. With photographs that seem to defy the imagination, it is astonishing that he does not use manipulations of any kind. This collection of timeless photographs will leave the viewer amazed at how exceptional the human body can be.


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