An Experiment in Color & Meaning

Thanks to Suffolk Software for sponsoring an interesting new survey on color. They are inviting visitors to match a word (and its definition) to a color. It is fun to see what associations we have and if others have the same ones.  This also opens up the question:  has the design and media world influenced what associations we have with color, or is the color meaning inherent?

I read an excellent book on our inherent associations called the Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color.

Here > The experiment…


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2 Responses to “An Experiment in Color & Meaning”

  1. Mark Schaeffer Says:

    Voting on colors for those words was frustrating — they didn’t offer much of a choice, and most of the time the color I would have wanted wasn’t there.

    Nevertheless, the only words for which there seem to be a general agreement about color are those with physical associations — for example, “risk” is red (blood); “cool” is blue (water); “clean” is white. For most of the other words, people’s responses are all over the map, which supports my contention that most use of color in design is arbitrary.

  2. Tara Gill Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I too found the choice of colors limited.

    I thought of you and this very discussion we had when I lent you the book on color and when I sent this link. How interesting. I still think we have inherent associations that are linked to nature. Perhaps it is the designers use and interpretation of meaning and color that can make the design stronger or weaker. I like to think so.

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