The Process from Tree to Art

This tree is a California native. I was attracted to the lovely chartreuse spikes that hang in profusion.

Black Walnut Spikes and Leaves

Black Walnut Spikes and Leaves

California Black Walnut

Raw Art Material

Mowry helps my arrangements

The Spikes from the tree.

One of the finished pieces. To make the circles of green I stripped the spikes of their “flowers” and used and egg poacher mold to hold the shape. Mowry the cat had a great time “helping”.

The First Arrangement

Arrangement #1, Spikes and circles

A repetition of the 1st Arrangement

Repetition of Arrangement #1

When I look at these finished pieces I am amazed that I made them out of plant parts. How cool is that?


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4 Responses to “The Process from Tree to Art”

  1. Mom Says:

    You are a wonder to me, always. Your work is exquisite. You are also right about the joy of creating, and the uplifing of spirits it brings.

  2. Chidakash and Shera Says:

    It is so exciting to see you doing this work! And outside of the pleasure of amusing Mowry we can see a great future in it.

    Re your tags–I think photographer, plant photos, art photography, nature photography should be added!!

    love CK and CK
    (and love to your man too!!)

  3. Annette Says:

    That last one would make an awesome fabric! Nice work Tara.

  4. Annette Shaw Says:

    Awesome Tara!
    Have you seen Andy Goldsworthy’s work?
    (I’m sure you must have–he makes everything out of natural materials>)
    Thanks for sharing!

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