Baby Morgan’s First Day

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Morgan was still in the belly of her mother (see maternity photos). Now, the wonder of birth lets us enjoy her even more.

Congratulations to Michelle, Russell and their families on this very joyous occasion.


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2 Responses to “Baby Morgan’s First Day”

  1. Aunt Mary Says:

    Dear proud Mom and Dad: Welcome to Morgan. She is beautiful. Remember I told you that heartburn in the early months meant a baby with a lot of hair. What do you think of old’s wives tales now! =)

    Congratulations to a beautiful family.

    Love Aunt Mary

  2. Aunt Margaret Says:

    You have been truly blessed with a beautiful baby named Morgan Patricia! I don’t know of any other couple who did so much to prepare for the birth of their baby! She will be so proud of you when she hears the stories about how you prepared for her birth. How fortunate she is to have you as parents and how fortunate you are to have her as your first-born! Enjoy every precious moment….

    Lots of love, Aunt Margaret

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