Papyrus, cyperus alternifolius, Umbrella Plant

I have this growing in the garden in a pot, where it should be as I have heard it is invasive. I don’t know what I will make out of it yet, it may just be spectacular enough on its own.

To propagate this plant one puts it upside down in some water until rooted. Easy and a great structural yet airy plant.

Umbrella plant

Another One


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5 Responses to “Papyrus, cyperus alternifolius, Umbrella Plant”

  1. anemica80 Says:

    I remember seing these in Latin America. If my memory doesn’t fail me (which it very well could), the leaves were really sharp and had little tiny spikes (that is not the right word) on them, which would stay on my fingers and hurt all day. They are very pretty though!

    • Tara Gill Says:

      They could well be in the same family, but I don’t think it is the same plant. These are relatively soft. Your story reminds me of a trip to Mexico where I plucked the flower from a cactus (duh) to get a better look. Like you, my fingers hurt for most of the day.

      Thanks for writing.

    • Tara Gill Says:

      I did look it up in the Western Garden Book to see if there was a spikey version but did not see one there. Interested in what plant it was whose memory stayed with you.

      • Vgregg Says:

        I have these at home. My aunt sent me from Texas back home to SC with clippings of the heads (umbrella part). You just plant that down in the ground and the plant pops up. Mine get to about 4 ft every year.

        They are not prickly at all. The edges of the umbrella fingers might have a slight roughness to them. But we have a nice size area of them in our back yard and we’ve never felt a prickle from it, nor has our child (now 4).

        I love this plant, but that might have to do with the perfect spot I have it in.

      • Tara Gill Says:

        Aren’t they amazing. Perfect spot, and a perfect plant. Do you have them in the ground or in a pot?

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