Mystery Flower & Tree

Any one have any ideas about this one? It is about 75 feet tall and in Zone 9b. The flowers are held high atop the canopy. It is blooming in early October.


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3 Responses to “Mystery Flower & Tree”

  1. Kim Webster Says:

    Will send it to some of my Merritt College cronies. Lovely flowers! Pretty hand too. xo Kim

  2. Matti Says:

    Hey, just twittered, but thought I would comment too. I think you are looking at a Ceiba speciosa aka Chorisia speciosa. Man, looks like an old one too. Matti

  3. cerrogordo Says:

    Matti – That’s exactly what it is! Love this tree – the spikes on the bark are amazing. And there is those flowers…what a beautiful tree. Also known as The Silk Floss Tree. They’re everywhere in Los Angeles.

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