A Toddler’s Playlist

A Toddler’s Playlist

I met Cen at Blossom Birth where we were delighted to share with each other our discoveries of apps, videos and a love of technology. She invited me many months back to post a playlist and on Mommy time and toddler time (read endless), voila!

Balls, bears, balloons, numbers (especially 8!), trains, horses, jumping, these are a few of my favorite things!

From André and Tara.




3 Responses to “A Toddler’s Playlist”

  1. A Toddler’s YouTube Playlist « Little eLit Says:

    […] Take a look at Tara Gill Studios!  I met Tara at an eBooks and Apps for Young Children program that I put on at Blossom Birth Services a few months ago. We spent quite some time sharing the apps that we share with our boys.  Tara is a photographer, artist and tech geek and she is truly creative in her use of digital technology with her young son.  She has put together a YouTube playlist especially for Little eLit, and written a little post about us on her blog. […]

  2. senseandgracel Says:

    Tara , I am here and will be back, love your photos.


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