Where Art Meets Meditation

I needed to write a new artist statement for an application so I have been sitting with how my art expresses me, how what I make is intrinsically related to my experience as a human and how a succinct statement can strengthen people’s connection to my work. This can be a difficult thing to put words to. While I did come up with some words, I also had an experience that illuminated how a story or experience can come after an image is created. I loved this clear reversal.

I have been meditating each morning and I have found this awareness practice creates internal spaciousness. An image I created many years ago called Hold Me (done as a cathartic experience about the emotional terrain of adoption) expresses this spacious feeling perfectly.  At the center of this mindfulness practice is not only a recognition of  what you are experiencing but a gentle holding of that experience. What a gift to have this visual anchor of a felt sense; the body remembers.

Guided Meditation on the Breath is a 14:42 minute journey through your body, feelings, and mind with the breath as an anchor throughout. Gil Frondsal leads it and many others on a site called Audio Dharma.

If you feel called, I highly recommend it and their other meditations.

Hands and Dahlia


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