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Brugmansia, how lovely art thou

January 29, 2014

Oohh, yummy!

Long adored brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpet has finally made it onto the design board. A single and double bloom are featured.

Sweet smelling and elegant. Here’s an article from SFGate on their care.

Brugmansia blossom design

Single,double, and emerging blooms in white and pale orange.


Pale orange and sweetly fragrant, a burst of color and form.



Patterns of Growth, New Artist Statement

October 24, 2013

Calla Lily Tile

Writing an artist statement about your work is hard. It is like painting a picture from a wispy diaphanous landscape with few markers to guide you. That’s why when the words match that subtle energetic experience of making art it is a huge joy! Here it is. Here is why my work is in the world:

We are intricately connected to and dependent on plants for our survival. Plants are dependent on humans to maintain an environment they can live in. We serve each other.

My work serves to illuminate the relationship we have with plants not only for food and air but for beauty.

We are coming out of the industrial age into an age of connectivity. Here and now we have an opportunity to marry the ancient wisdom of healing plant energies, the science of the industrial age, and our emerging era of interconnectdeness.

Patterns of Growth is a double entendre that points to the beautiful patterns in nature and the inner work we can embrace as humans in order to serve our survival.

Healing Spaces

February 9, 2013

I have finished placing the last piece of art in the Women’s Breast Center operated by Sutter Health in Santa Rosa. They purchased 23 pieces, 8 of them custom designed for their particular space.

Pride of Madeira & Trumpet Vine diptychs, 30x 30 and 30 x 50 inches

Pride of Madeira & Trumpet Vine diptychs, 30x 30 and 30 x 50 inches

Pride of Madeira, Prints on Aluminum

Pride of Madeira, Prints on Aluminum. 30 x 30 and 30 x 50 inches. Main waiting area.

Golden Wattle Triptych

Golden Wattle, Custom Design, 20 x 50, 20 x 36, 20 x 50 inches

Mammography Room

Monkey Hand Tree, 16 x 20, Mammography Room

The fact that this wing of the new North Bay Facility is the Breast Center is significant. My friend Nancy Bellen is a breast cancer survivor, and curator of the space. Nancy has been through the life altering process and knows intimately how having art in a room can support, ground, and visually anchor a woman’s journey. When the last piece was hung in the dexa room she took me on a tour of the facility from the perspective of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. Each room’s significance in the process was explained, what they did there, how long a woman was waiting in this room for news. I was shocked. It became real. I was amazed as she was by how art can hold a space. She knew. She approached this project with this in mind and that is why it is so successful.

I knew in designing the pieces for this space that the sweet potato heart leaves would be a centerpiece, my homage to the women coming here. One of the innovations of this project was mounting images on a curved wall. No one seemed to know if it could be done, and we did it.


Sweet Potato Hearts

Sweet Potato Heart Leaves

40 x 60 inch, print on aluminum,installed on a curved wall

The new Center houses art by breast cancer survivors, including 2 quilts, art by Jennifer Bec Hirschfield and a 2 pieces by Nancy Bellen.

By Nancy Bellen

Everything takes longer than you think it should or thought it would except for life.
By Nancy Bellen

Support, collage

Support, collage, by Nancy Bellen

Consult Room Art

Painting by Jennifer Bec Hirschfield.

I feel honored to have had the opportunity to make a contribution to this facility.

Calla Lily Botanical Design

June 27, 2012


Calla Lily Botanical Design

Ah, the calla. Elegant, refined, and sensuous.

This photograph, made in Photoshop is made up of 3 separate designs and measures 80x 80 inches. I would love to see it full size on a big wall ( a white one, or a yellow one or a green one).

My friend Karen Sikie and I are embarking on a licensing journey, that is, working to get our designs ready so companies can use the images on their products. Bedding? Plates? Tiles? Paper? Who knows what the future will hold?

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