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Brugmansia, how lovely art thou

January 29, 2014

Oohh, yummy!

Long adored brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpet has finally made it onto the design board. A single and double bloom are featured.

Sweet smelling and elegant. Here’s an article from SFGate on their care.

Brugmansia blossom design

Single,double, and emerging blooms in white and pale orange.


Pale orange and sweetly fragrant, a burst of color and form.



Seasons in the Garden

December 4, 2013

One of the joys of gardening all year round in California is witnessing the transformation of leaves and seeds. From green to red, from flower to seed pod.

An outstanding example of transformative beauty is in the Japanese Anemone,  a low maintenance shade-lover.

Anemone hupehensis, Anemone hupehensis var. japonica, and Anemone × hybrida (commonly known as the Chinese anemone or Japanese anemone, thimbleweed, or windflower) are species of flowering herbaceous perennials in the Ranunculaceae family.

What are your favorite plant transformations?

Patterns of Growth, New Artist Statement

October 24, 2013

Calla Lily Tile

Writing an artist statement about your work is hard. It is like painting a picture from a wispy diaphanous landscape with few markers to guide you. That’s why when the words match that subtle energetic experience of making art it is a huge joy! Here it is. Here is why my work is in the world:

We are intricately connected to and dependent on plants for our survival. Plants are dependent on humans to maintain an environment they can live in. We serve each other.

My work serves to illuminate the relationship we have with plants not only for food and air but for beauty.

We are coming out of the industrial age into an age of connectivity. Here and now we have an opportunity to marry the ancient wisdom of healing plant energies, the science of the industrial age, and our emerging era of interconnectdeness.

Patterns of Growth is a double entendre that points to the beautiful patterns in nature and the inner work we can embrace as humans in order to serve our survival.

Where Art Meets Meditation

April 29, 2013

I needed to write a new artist statement for an application so I have been sitting with how my art expresses me, how what I make is intrinsically related to my experience as a human and how a succinct statement can strengthen people’s connection to my work. This can be a difficult thing to put words to. While I did come up with some words, I also had an experience that illuminated how a story or experience can come after an image is created. I loved this clear reversal.

I have been meditating each morning and I have found this awareness practice creates internal spaciousness. An image I created many years ago called Hold Me (done as a cathartic experience about the emotional terrain of adoption) expresses this spacious feeling perfectly.  At the center of this mindfulness practice is not only a recognition of  what you are experiencing but a gentle holding of that experience. What a gift to have this visual anchor of a felt sense; the body remembers.

Guided Meditation on the Breath is a 14:42 minute journey through your body, feelings, and mind with the breath as an anchor throughout. Gil Frondsal leads it and many others on a site called Audio Dharma.

If you feel called, I highly recommend it and their other meditations.

Hands and Dahlia

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