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Calla Lily Botanical Design

June 27, 2012


Calla Lily Botanical Design

Ah, the calla. Elegant, refined, and sensuous.

This photograph, made in Photoshop is made up of 3 separate designs and measures 80x 80 inches. I would love to see it full size on a big wall ( a white one, or a yellow one or a green one).

My friend Karen Sikie and I are embarking on a licensing journey, that is, working to get our designs ready so companies can use the images on their products. Bedding? Plates? Tiles? Paper? Who knows what the future will hold?


Woven Phormium Leaves

October 14, 2010

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The final image was made by slicing the leaves and compositing them in Photoshop.

The Building of a Botanical Photograph

February 1, 2010

At my open studios I am often asked and people will try to figure out how my images are “built”. Here is a sampling of a gum eucalyptus blossom and how one image transforms into many more. See more Botanica.

Toning Samples

December 6, 2009

Photographers no longer have to spend time using nasty chemicals to bring special tones to black and white images. Here is a selection of some available standards:

It is also possible to give color photographs a wonderful aged look:

Original Color Image

Creative Aged Photo

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