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Happy New Year 2014

January 1, 2014

Here is to a year full of love and beauty.


Botanical Photography Design

Sweet Potato Hearts Design


Fall Design, Acorn

October 30, 2012

One of the finest pleasures of fall besides the coolness in the air is collecting little treasures with my son. I was so taken with the bi-colored acorns. When I removed the cap, the yellow was left in its place. This design uses one acorn to make the ‘flower’ and the ‘hat’ for the center.

acorns with hat

Hybrid Monkey Hand Tree, x Chiranthofremontia lenzii

June 11, 2012

When I first encountered these tree in bloom in Niles, near where I live, I was WOWED.  What on earth could it be? In a small neighborhood park there are two varieties of the tree; one orange (the crossed version, see below) the other red which is the original uncrossed version. Either way, I could not believe my luck at running into such an exotic flower.

Letters made from grasses and shadows, botanical typography!

I didn’t have to go further than my inbox to find out the name of this beauty, as a mail arrived from the San Francisco Botanical Garden that explained that their tree was in bloom now, and it was just the blooms I had been photographing. Interesting to note that it is related to the native fremontadendron.

These other flowers belong to the original uncrossed Mexican Hand Tree. What a specimen!

The pollen covered stamens of the Monkey Hand Tree

The pollen covered stamens of the Monkey Hand Tree, held in my monkey hand!

Spring Tree Mystery

February 11, 2012

This time of year (it is spring already!) brings new buds and another mystery I hope can be solved. I went to the house and knocked on the door to ask what it was, alas, there was no answer. The last ID prize (a feather in her cap?) goes to Flora Grubb for identifying Sparmannia africana. Flora also suggested a prettier New Zealand cousin entelea.

Thanks goes out to Flora Grubb again for identifying this tree: Paulownia fortunei.

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